The OmniDrone Approach

The OmniDrone approach is what fundamentally differentiates us from competitors; we don’t focus on providing “Drone solutions”, but rather on providing business solutions that increase efficiencies, operational/strategic effectiveness, reduce risk and facilitate improved health and safety standards.

Consequently, we regard UAV/Drone technology as an effective and efficient platform/technology integrator that provides operational and strategic management decision makers with increased situational awareness and thus reduces assumptions and “unknowns” in determining the best course of action.

In order to deliver on a client focused business solution, OmniDrone utilises a consultative approach to identify and understand individual client challenges/objectives and as such tailor a bespoke solution to address these in the best and most cost effective manner.

This is only possible due to the fact that OmniDrone follows a flexible approach in respect to utilising the best combination of technology required to achieve the client’s defined objectives and thus driving cost efficiencies and ensure safety whilenot over engineering work process and procedures required for these defined job objectives.

OmniDrone further looks to identify and partner with client and external subject matter experts/stakeholders to ensure that our clients receive the best advice in terms of industry best practice, making the best utilization of organizational and industry assets no matter their physical location.

Rather than providing clients with a data/information “dump”, OmniDrone is able to make use of tier one management consulting expertise and data analysis to unlock actionable business insights to drive decision making rather than just data prompting.

First and foremost OmniDrone strives to be a partner and trusted advisor to our clients, as we can never replace core business functions and decision makers, however, we can better equip and facilitate business competitiveness by driving operational and strategic effectiveness and efficiency. We drive our success through our client’s success by “go beyond”.

OmniDrone Personnel has in excess of 30 years experience, our team consists of dynamic, multidisciplinary members from diverse backgrounds, including mining, construction, offshore & commercial diving, military, IT specialists, photography & graphic design, agricultural, project management and management consulting.

Our operational team is also qualified in the following areas:

Rigging – OPITO – MSIC – working at heights – confined space entry and inspection.

This collective breath of experience, coupled with our proactive approach, enables us to align our services with business and community stakeholder interests, knowing the challenges our clients facing in respect to industry operational/OH&S standards, as well as the challenges associated with the industries our clients working in, including logistics and local conditions.

OmniDrone is keenly aware that UAV’s are simply a platform by which end users attain operational and strategic insights.

Consequently, OmniDrone begins by engaging end users and identifying their precise data requirements. OmniDrone then takes into account the actual job and site operational requirements, logistics, infrastructure, weather/site conditions and CASA regulations

With these requirements and factors identified, OmniDrone will provide the best combination of UAV platforms, payload equipment and analytical process software to address the exact specifications needed, to undertake each job function i.e. Survey, Maintenance, Inspection in a safe and effective manner.

OmniDrone takes pride in the fact that all platforms and software provided follow a results oriented “best fit” approach, thus ensuring not only performance expectations are met, but also cost constraints are actively managed and maintained.

OmniDrone operates under a strict code of conduct and safety regulations. PROtect Services Australia Pty Ltd., OmniDrone’s holding entity is a registered UAV service provider with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Adhering to government regulations and client guidelines, our Drone platforms are piloted by CASA qualified professionals who deliver our services safe and with minimum interference to our clients business and operations.

Our clients have the peace of mind and assurance that OmniDrone is covered by a 20 Million Dollar Public Liability Insurance policy.

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