To Revolutionise the survey,
Photography and inspection industry

Our Story

Borne from a desire to revolutionise the survey, photography and inspection industries, OmniDrone delivers high-quality, cost-effective survey, photography and inspection services.

OmniDrone was established following the launch of PROtect Services Australia Pty Ltd, to complement each company’s service portfolio and enabling us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive RPAS (Drone) services available. Since then OmniDrone and PROtect Services have been taken under the Drone Industries banner.  

Working collaboratively with individuals and companies across public and private sectors, including agricultural, mining, industrial, manufacturing, food & beverage, and real estate, OmniDrone’s services not only provide high-quality data and imagery, but also time and cost efficiencies.

Using high-quality RPAS’ and associated equipment, our knowledgeable team provides intelligent, meticulous service, from the initial consultation, throughout our rigorous safety and quality-focused processes, right through to the delivery of the final product and information.

OmniDrone restructured their internal systems and processes in 2018 and consequently established a corporate program to drive and coordinate improvement initiatives and innovation, combined with a well-funded program for research & development. OmniDrone has hired a multi-skilled team of specialists in the field to help accelerate its market presence and enhance quality service offerings to all their clientele.

To deliver impeccable innovative,
cost-effective survey, photography
and inspection services

Our Ethos


We work hard to enhance our clients’ business. We deliver our services to improve their efficiency and productivity. Our focus is on their outcomes. We provide fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions to achieve this.


We are passionate, dedicated professionals. We conduct our services safely and securely. Our knowledgeable team has years of combined cross-industry experience. We understand the information we deal with can be sensitive. We respect our clients’ privacy and handle all issues with integrity and professionalism.


We want to revolutionise our industry. We use high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment. This is coupled with our team’s zeal for new ideas and techniques to create premium services and outcomes.

We drive our success
through our clients’ success

Our Approach


We provide solutions that increase efficiencies and operational effectiveness, reduce risk and improve health and safety standards


Effective, efficient platform integration – increases decisionmakers’ awareness, minimises assumptions and “unknowns”


We help clients to make informed, strategic decisions


We engage with a consultative approach to identify and understand our clients’ objectives and challenges, then tailor optimal, cost-effective solutions


OmniDrone allows a flexible approach – optimal combination of technology to achieve client objectives


We drive cost efficiency by not over-engineering the work process and method of work. OmniDrone introduces specialised UAV platforms, allowing our clients to operate cost effective, within their budget and manage to save expenses on equipment & personnel- by optimizing means and human resources to work at heights and in confined space.


OmniDrone partner with clients and external industrial experts/stakeholders to ensure our clients receive the best advice – in terms of best practice and optimal use of organisational and industry assets, regardless of where they are


We don’t replace core business functions, specialists and decision makers – but we better equip and facilitate their competitiveness by driving operational and strategic effectiveness and efficiency


Don’t just give clients a “data dump” – we use tier one management consulting expertise and data analysis to unlock actionable business insights to drive decision-making

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