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Revolutionising the Survey, Photography and
Inspection Industries

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What is OmniDrone?

Borne from a desire to revolutionise the survey, photography and
inspection industries, OmniDrone devliers high-quality, cost-effective
survey, photography and inspection services.
We provide services for:

  • Precision agriculture and forestry
  • Aerial photography and videography
  • Promotion, Advertising & Events
  • Mining & Exploration
  • Risk identification, mitigation
     and management
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Real estate & property management
  • Feral Pest Management
  • Civil construction
  • Rail, Road and Infrastructure
  • Mobile and telecommunication networks
  • Oil & Gas
  • Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Survey (Land / mapping / building / features and infrastructure)

Our Markets

We service individuals, companies and collectives within diverse sectors, including:

Agriculture & Forestry

Combining industry expertise with a technology platform to drive insights, enabling strategic, business and operational decision-making for precision agriculture

Real Estate and Property Management

Provide Clients access to areal photography and videography of the highest standard, customised for our clients specific needs.

Mining & Exploration

Providing an efficient, scalable, cost-effective survey and inspection tool with inherent flexibility across multiple applications.

Oil & Gas

Providing safe inspections and monitoring hazardous & hard-to-access areas that would traditionally require rope access teams, or operations to be suspended.

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